Your Apartment, Your Style


Here’s another thing to love about renting an apartment at Sky Broadwater. You really can make it feel like home!

Show off your personal style by putting your own stamp on the interiors. It’s what your friends will expect when they come to visit you in your beautiful waterfront apartment on the sought-after Southport Broadwater.

So, what might you do?

First, have a good look at the apartment itself. It speaks luxury without you doing a thing. Work with that and what aspects of your own personality will complement the interior and the views. Always work with what you have when you are styling a rental home.

The first real and lasting impression of a home’s interior occurs once you are through the front door so address the apartment’s entry foyer, the space immediately inside. And if there is no foyer, fake it. Take the open space and work with a chic mirror, an accent chair, an umbrella holder, a petite buffet, or a narrow sideboard.

Don’t stress too much about mixing and matching furniture. Having odd chairs around a dining table is quite on-trend.

Minimalise permanent holes in walls by using removable hooks to hang artwork and other interesting items. Simply resting pieces against a wall or a freestanding cabinet can work well, especially with larger canvases or mirrors.

Free-standing furniture can be stylish and functional. Make yours stand out with great-looking tables, bench carts, trolleys and bookshelves.

Lighting dictates the way a space feels and functions and is worth experimenting with to create your personal style. There are fabulous eye-catching table and floor lamps to be found, which can change the whole feel of a room.

Carpets and rugs are great for pizazz and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on them. Just let them make the style statement you want.

Bed linen, covers and throws are another style statement that can instantly change the look and feel of a room.

Choose a signature scent and make it a statement. It is said to make an entire space feel cohesive and connected. You might use scented candles, essential oil burners, reed or electric fragrance diffusers, for example.

Finally, plants are such an easy way to bring life, colour and even food into a space. As well as adding living texture and style, they increase the overall air quality, making them both an attractive and healthy addition to your home. Plants are known to increase feelings of calmness and reduce anxiety and stress. TIP: Create a garden that can move, with grouped pots or raised garden beds.


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