Pets find ‘hi’ life at Sky Broadwater

pets find hi life at sky broadwater

Approximately 61% of households in Australia own pets. Around the same number people who do not currently own a pet admit that they would like to own one in the near future. There are currently more than 29 million pets in this country.

When you set about creating a vertical residential rental community, pets have to be accommodated in that vision.

The vision becomes reality at Sky Broadwater in Southport: 35 levels with 279 luxury one, two and three-bedroom apartments, many with a versatile study space and all with generous balconies.

Kelsie Phillips and Tyler Szepanowski moved into their tenth-floor apartment with two-and-a-half year-old miniature dachshund, Benji.

“Being able to have Benji with us was a given when we were looking for an apartment,” Kelsie said. “We never expected to find something as perfect as Sky Broadwater, which is far more than simply pet-friendly.

This is Benji’s first time as an apartment dweller and Kelsie says he settled in right away.

“He loves his three walks a day and Fisherman’s Lawn, a dedicated off-leash area, is right across the road. We live in a beautiful apartment in a fantastic location on Marine Parade. We are right on the water. We couldn’t be happier, and that includes Benji.”

Pet safety has been taken into account at Sky Broadwater. The individual apartments were assessed in terms of their suitability to house a pet in a comfortable, safe environment.

More than 70 per cent of apartments available for long-term rental have been secured with a large proportion of these including pet tenants like Benji, Tully, Tiger, Presley and Banjo.

Being pet friendly has certainly been one of Sky Broadwater’s very attractive features; and there are currently a limited number of apartments available to pet owners.

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