A day to celebrate dogs

celebrate dogs

A day to celebrate dogs has been written for dog owners and dog lovers at Sky Broadwater and everywhere, written on International Dog Day, 26th August 2020.

First up – a study that emanates from the other side of the world, where Berlin-based insurance team Coya commissioned a study into the best cities for dogs around the world. They began with a list of cities previously cited as good locations for dogs and came up with a final list of 50 based on some solid criteria.

And the top five were …1. San Francisco, USA; 2. Seattle, USA; 3. Tel Aviv, Israel; 4. Prague, Czechia; 5. Hamburg, Germany.

Melbournites have been having a rough trot with COVID-19 but they apparently have happy dogs, making the first Australian city on the list at #15. The other was Sydney at #34. You will find the full list here – Best Cities for Dogs 2020

Dog ownership is no simple or easy responsibility, even in the best of times.

While Sky Broadwater is a long way from San Francisco – and Southport didn’t appear in the list – it is home for some very content pooches. With such a safe and beautiful apartment environment, Broadbeach Parklands to explore on-leash, and the wonderful off-leash Fisherman’s Lawn right across the road, these dogs and their owners might argue their Gold Coast location is #1.

Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world. Did you know that up until recently, only around 10 per cent of rentals allowed tenants to keep pets? (Fortunately, some state and territory governments have since put freedom of pet ownership on the rental reform agenda.)

In a nod to International Dog Day, here is a reminder of why allowing pets in rentals can be a good thing.

Pet-friendly rental accommodation is in high demand. Apartments that welcome dog owners often receive up to twice as many enquiries and lease faster.

International research says tenants with pets want to stay more than twice as long, on average, than tenants without pets, and may often be willing to pay more rent.

Responsible pet owners are generally excellent tenants who look after the apartment and, in this case, happily abide by Sky Broadwater rules around dogs as tenants.

There is plenty of sound research to show that pet owners are physically and mentally healthier.

And finally, less pets end up on the streets. Sadly, some 30 per cent of dogs and cats are surrendered to animal welfare agencies because their owners cannot find pet-friendly accommodation.


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